How to work with natural light to improve your photography

  • About The Course

    Illuminate is an inspiring course aimed at boosting your creativity. Understand how light affects your camera and use my ‘seven principles’ to create beautiful, intentional photographs. The course is packed full of tips to help you understand natural light and the impact it has on your photography.

  • Who is it for?

    This course is created for phone or digital camera users, beginner to intermediate photography enthusiasts and for entrepreneurs wanting to take better photographs for social media.

  • What will I learn?

    You will learn about different types of light and how to use it to your advantage, indoors and outdoors. You'll get tips on how to take light and airy as well as dark and moody photographs. It also covers how to shoot backlit, how to identify the best place in your home to take photographs, how the camera measures light, when to overrule its automatic settings and lots more.

What we are covering

With the use of my seven principles of light I'm going to teach you how to seek out the best light in your home and outdoors and use it to create beautiful photography. The key to perfectly exposed photographs is to understand different light conditions, how the camera measures light and how to manage your camera's light meter. We will also explore how to identify quality light, understand the impact of the colour of light and choose the right light to tell your story. In two videos I will show you how to set up a backlit scene in a light and bright space and how to create a dramatic and moody scene in a dark room. I will also take you through what type of light to choose depending on the look you want to achieve and how to photograph light vs dark objects. All to give you the tools – and get you inspired – to create your own still life setups and flatlays. In the final chapter we will take the seven principles of light outdoors to look at how to photograph nature and give you tips on shooting at sunrise and sunset, in the bright midday sun, and even how to tackle photographing in the snow!

Course content

  • 1

    Welcome to Illuminate

    • Cecelina Tornberg - An Introduction

    • Welcome to Illuminate

    • How to Make the Most Out of This Course

  • 2

    Seven Principles Of Light

    • The Importance of Light

    • Seven Principles Of Light

    • The Seven Principles of Light And What They Can Do For You

    • A Tour Of Light Around The House

    • A Study In Poor Light

    • Four Steps to Identify Quality Light Indoors

    • Exercise: A Study In Light

  • 3

    Darkness And Light - Your Perfect Exposure

    • Understanding How Your Camera Measures Light

    • Darkness and Light, Your Perfect Exposure

    • Setting up Your Light and Bright Scene

    • Tips on Shooting Light, Bright and Backlit

    • Setting Up Your Dark And Dramatic Scene

    • Tips On Shooting Dark And Dramatic

    • Exercise: Set Up a Scene in Your Perfect Light

  • 4

    In The Outdoors

    • Using Your Light Skills in the Outdoors

    • The Principles of Light in the Outdoors

    • Working With Light Outdoors

    • The Difference Light Makes

    • Around The Seasons

    • Exercise: Photographing Outdoors

  • 5

    Thank You + Extras

    • Thank You from Cecelina

    • Where To Go From Here

    • BONUS VIDEO: Equipment Tips

    • BONUS VIDEO: About Cecelina | This Is My Home

  • "Cecelina is a truly talented photographer. Her photos look dreamy with the amazing use of light."

    Bernice Cheung

  • "If you want to understand light & photography Cecelina is amazing! She explains so well, in a language one can easily understand & put into practise simply. Thank you Cecelina, I loved every minute & am so excited about my photography journey."

    Lauren Conroy

  • "I have never seen anyone teach light like you do."

    Vanessa Myers

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  • "The woman is a genius"

    Fiona Humberstone

  • "I'm always in awe of Cecelina's artistry and skills"

    Leslie Gailey

  • "You are an incredible teacher... I feel so inspired to shoot!"

    Suzy Lawrence


  • Is this course for professional photographers?

    Not at all. I have created this course with the photography enthusiast in mind. It is for beginners to intermediate and for entrepreneurs wanting to use their own skills to take better photographs for their business and social media.

  • What equipment will I need to do the course?

    A phone or a camera you can take photographs with.

  • Will you teach me how to use my camera?

    Not in this course. I have purposely created this course for the busy but passionate photography enthusiast as a boost to creativity. Part of that is not to dig down in the tech bits that can hamper the joy in taking photographs, because in the end, it is all about light.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    As long as my business is trading.

  • Do you cover editing?

    Not in this course. It is such a comprehensive subject, I would need to create a full course on it to make it justice!

  • Will you create other courses?

    Yes indeed! I am currently working on two courses - the first one is all about understanding your camera and its settings, the other one about creating beautiful and impactful flatlays. I have also received requests about a course on editing, so I expect that to be the next after that!

Cecelina Tornberg

Photographer and teacher Cecelina Tornberg has established a global reputation for dramatic, romantic imagery and in particular, her unrivalled mastery of light. Originally from Sweden she has spent a decade working and travelling all over the world from her base in London, bringing a Scandinavian aesthetic to her images, characterised by natural movement and use of light. She has photographed people and celebrations in breathtaking locations from the royal palaces of the Middle East to sunny Californian vistas, mythical Scandinavian forests and the historic castles and vineyards of the Mediterranean.